Who Are the Leading LED Strip Lights Suppliers in Europe?

Europe is one of the best places for a unique and top-notch LED strip lights providers in The Market. Both take a lot of pride in providing top-notch results with cutting-edge technology and customer care. So, here in this post we have discussed top Europe manufacturing companies that are trusted for their industry-first practices.

Philips Lighting (Signify)

Signify sold a division that focused on selling light emitting diode (LED) lighting systems, and components like drivers to industrial European customers. Based out of the Netherlands, Signify makes a series of LED lighting products and has some excellent LEDs strips. They spend a lot of their resources on R&D and make sure that each one of their products will deliver better power efficiency compared to other devices in the range. Philips Philips is known for its long-lasting LED light strips and high brightness, providing up to 50 thousand hours of life and over 100 lumens per watt luminance.

Osram GmbH

Europe: Osram - Germany As a demonstration of the design possibilities available to lighting manufacturers using Synios P2720 from Osram, examples were showcased at their booth with flexibility and high performance in strip light applications for residential or commercial settings. The company has a wide range of to-set up, inexpensive LED strip lights that come in multiple color temps and lengths. OsramOwnGive Meet Sustainable - In addition to the lighting function and operating comfort, Osram places great importance when designing a product on energy conservation during use as well as an environment friendly recycling at its end of life. It comes with robust warranties and professional customer support for their LED solutions.

Luceco PLC

Luceco PLC has become a major player in the European LED market and is based out of the UK. Luceco provides energy-efficient LED strip lights The company claims it manufactures products with up to 90% energy savings relative to traditional lighting. Their LED strips are widely bought to be used in houses and workplaces for decoration as well as daily use.


Ikea is best known as a furniture behemoth, but the Swedish company has been working to craft LED strips and provides effective indoor growing lights. Ikea is primarily focusing its LED lighting efforts on accessibility (that light fixture above your head) and how smart the lights are, helping them blend in with other systems of a modern connected home. Their LED strips are super easy to use, a favorite for home decor DIY projects as they can be cut every 3-LEDs at the gold mark.


Based in the Netherlands, Nexperia is a less well-known company making great strides with its LED technology for driving strip lighting as well as automotive and industrial applications. The LED strip lights they offer are prized for their durability and excellent color rendering, making them a perfect fit in areas where lighting needs to be smooth and accurate.

The European market also has a mixed supplier's landscape for LED strip lights suppliers , so every company is into sustainability and technological innovation. These suppliers offer a broad selection of dependable, top-notch LED lighting that satisfies your requirements for illumination whether you use them in commercial, residential or industrial settings. In many cases, the choice of supplier is heavily dependent on specific project needs like required looks as well as performance and sustainability requirements.

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